About Us

Synergic Systems is a consulting group of the Franciscan Service Corporation operated by the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist, Meriden, Connecticut, and is part of the Franciscan Life Center Network.

Where We’ve Been

Founded in 1980, Synergic Systems has seen innumerable changes in technology and has responded with alacrity to new needs as they develop.

We first offered general computer consulting and training services, and then focused heavily on complex database design, programming and application development. We combined our technical expertise with our understanding of organizational growth to provide organizational consulting services. For the last several years, we have focused on web site services.

Our Clients

Our clients have been many and varied, from non-profit agencies needing a technical resource they can trust, to corporate giants in need of personalized, one-to-one coaching services. We have served hospitals, manufacturing firms, banks, churches – a wide variety of businesses. Currently, we focus on providing services for faith-based organizations.

Into the Future

Since 1980 our personalized, no-hassle approach has won the hearts of clients. We continue this tradition and invite you to explore our organizational consulting and web site services.

St. Clare patron of Synergic Systems

St. Clare of Assisi is revered as a patron saint of visual communications. She also saved the city of Assisi through her prayer and the powerful radiance of her presence with the Blessed Sacrament. We pray to her to guide and inspire our work.