What We Do

Organizational Consulting

We work with faith-based organizations to revitalize their sense of mission, vision and values. With services customized to each client based on their needs and situations, we help you do the work of discovering strengths and addressing areas for improvement.

Web Site Design & Production

Contemporary responsive designs to showcase your organization and its uniqueness are our specialty. Our projects focus on your message for the world. We are honored to be the instruments of making your mission attractive and engaging through a new web site or a redesign of your tired, outdated site.

Mission Promotion

Internet marketing, social media, and analytics are all pieces of a strategy of mission promotion. Synergic Systems’ technical consultants can take the mystery and confusion out of this wide world which is foreign to many clients.

Who We Are

Synergic Systems is a Franciscan consulting service of the Franciscan Service Corporation in Meriden, Connecticut. We operate on the principle of synergy as a core of professionals who invite collaborators to work with us to carry out our many web site and organizational consulting projects, so the result is beyond the sum of the individual skills each one brings to the job. We call it synergy at work.

Franciscan Spirit

As a Franciscan consulting service, we bring to each project a spirit of relentless enthusiasm, part of our spiritual inheritance from St. Francis of Assisi who, as a young man, on fire with the mission to “rebuild the church” set about rebuilding the dilapidated church of San Damiano. He gradually learned that his mission of rebuilding was a much bigger mission to rebuild the Church of his day.

We, too, see in each project a bigger mission – an invitation to serve and facilitate the sacred purpose of human life, work and creativity. We try to bring the Franciscan values of simplicity, beauty and reverence to all we do.

Synergic Systems at Work

Our Client Focus

Faith-Based Organizations

We recognize people on a mission since we too are mission-motivated. Assisting faith-based and not-for-profit organizations articulate and communicate their missions through web technologies is our focus. Knowing the language and culture of Catholic groups, agencies, religious orders and dioceses adds value for our clients. We get it. We can then patiently learn about the unique character of each client and the richness each one offers to the bigger picture of the Church and the world.

  • Not-for-profit Agencies
  • Catholic Dioceses
  • Vocation Offices
  • Religious Orders
  • Religious Organizations
  • Seminaries